Dom Hodgson

A UK based Disney fan with a collection of shirts and costumes, always planning the next Disney trip with his long suffering family.

About Dom Hodgson

Hello, I'm Dom Hodgson and if you are reading this then you've probably seen one of my images, videos or talks.

Most of the 'content' if you can call it that I produce is on other platforms so you are best off following me on there.

I wouldn't call myself a 'Disney Expert', there are people far more knowledgable than me about the company but I would call myself a passionate hobbist

I'm also a member of the cult of DVC, so if you want me honest opinion on that, let me know

Upcoming Trips

We've got some exciting trips planned in the next few years (trying to make the most of Scarlett before she heads off to school)

  • don't ask #covid

Running & Fundraising

Every year I try and raise money for Martin House Children's Hospice usually this is done via running in Stupid costumes

Over the past 4 years we've raised over £40,000 for Martin House and you can donate to the current campaign on JustGiving


Fastpass Dress

A dress made from over 1000 custom Fastpasses.

Snow Ralph

A costume inspired by 15 seconds of Wreak it Ralph 2.

Main Street Electrical Parade

A group costume for a 5k night right race

Wreck-It Ralph

A Popular costume


The Original


Plenty of Pixie Dust

Carl Up
Carl from Up

With Walker

Princess Suit
Princess Suit

Custom Made

Standard Parrot
Standard Shark

UKDisDad Youtube

@UKDisDad Instagram


I am useless with email, but if you want to do that send it to [email protected] but you might be better sending me a tweet on @thehodge my DMs are open.